Fishery and Animal Products Exporters


It was established in 1958. This association aims at reaching 2,4 billion$ export in 2023. Fish farmers established legally and the fact that the prices of raw material are high in poultry and egg sub-sector are the problems that this sector faces. Promotion groups working under this sector are Seafoods Promotion group and Turkish Poultry Promotion group.

The activity of Istanbul Fishery Products Exporters' Association is mainly composed of 5 basic sectors and 11 product group that these basic sectors cover.

Animal Finished Products, Seafood, Dairy and Dairy Products

1-Livestock: Living horses, donkeys, mule, hinny, cattle, pigs, sheep, goat, birds, barnyard fowl, monkeys, rabbits, mice, ostrich, bee, and frog belong to this group.

2-Animal Products: Animal products sub-group is mainly composed of red meat and white meat. Furthermore, egg and other animals' meat and parts are also in this group.

3-The other animal products: Finished products from red and white meat( salami, sausage) and animals products that aren't eaten (bowels, hairy).

4-Fish and Seafoods: All fresh, cold, canned, dried, stoved and filet fish and shellfish(shrimp, lobster) and piddock( oyster, clam, cuttlefish, calamar, escargot.

5- Dairy and dairy products: It is described as a sub-sector that presents the dairy to the sectors and consumers by operating milk accumulated from farmers. This sub-sector involves 16% of firms producing food products. Every kind of cheese, butter, creme, yoghurt and milk powder are parts of this sub-sector.

6-Animal Fat: Lard oil, cattle, sheep and goat oil, tallow,fish oil and other animal fat are in this group.


  1. Leather-Fur: The rawhide of Bovine and small cattle (fresh, salted, dried, limed) and raw hide (head, tail, paw, fur parts are included) are in this group.


  1. Animal or Herbal manure: This sub-group covers animal or herbal manure( mixture or not mixture); manure made with mixture.


  1. Insect Candles, Animal Candles: This sub-group covers Beewax or other insect candles.


  1. Plume, Hair etc. finished products: Grain-leather of birds, other grain parts,thick and thin grain, finished products and hair are in this group.
  2. Finished products like Horn : Ivory and objects from ivory,coral and objects from coral, horn, grain, bone, other animal products are in this group.