Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters


It was established in 1963. This association takes place in six secretary general and these are Istanbul, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Aegean, Antalya and Uludag Exporters' Association.

Fruit Vegetable Products Sector: This sector is a special and significant sector because it targets exports on a large scale. Net foreign currency inflow is 100% due to the fact that there is no raw material imports. Its value added is so high and it creates more employment than the other sectors. It also transfers sources for low-revenue level and it has potential to improve itself. Among our products, there are fruit vegetable juices, canned fruit and vegetable, frozen vegetables, canned tomato, tomato sauce, mineral water, soft drink.

The products of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association's occupational field are the following:

The scope of eating vegetables and some root and lumps; potato, tomato, onion, garlic, leek, cabbage, cauli, brassica, lettuce, chicory, carrot, turnip, red beet, celery root, cucumber, pickle, pulse, ( products mentioned above are fresh and cold), canned temporarily but not suitable for eating immediately vegetables, dried vegetables, legume, cassava, arrowroot, salep, jerusalem artichoke, yank, root and lumps including high starch insulin, cooked in vapour or in water and cooked and cold vegetables.

The scope which is different from the above; coconut, brazil nut, kaje nut( fresh or cold), maroon, banana (fresh or cold), palm, fig, pineapple, citrus fruit, mango, grape, melon, apple, pear, quince, apricot, cherry, peach, plum, other fresh fruits.

Stone Fruits; not cooked or cooked by boiling in water and vapour, frozen( with or without added sugar or other additive stuffs)

Canned temporarily but not suitable for eating immediately fruits and nuts; (For instance, using sulfur dioxide brine-cured, canned temporarily in sulphuric water)

Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and products constituted of plant's other parts; (sauces are included), flavour.

Beverages; (water is included), alcholic drinks and vinegar, rose water and rose oil.