Ship and Yacht Exporters

Ship and Yacht Exporters Association of Turkey was founded in April 2010 under the umbrella of Istanbul Exporters Association with head office in Istanbul; but the history of ship and yacht building industry in Anatolia, dates back to ancient ages.

In terms of unit as well as tonnage, Turkish shipbuilding industry is one of the major producers in the world. Ship and yacht sector support not only the growth of employment and logistic sector; but also foreign currency input and sub-industries. The sector has adequate facilities, technology and workforce.

The docks are located mainly in Tuzla, Yalova, Izmit and other shores. In addition, there are 220 member companies specialized in petrol, chemical, oil and serving tankers, mega yachts, container and cargo ships, bulk carriers, tugboats and repair issues.

Subjects of Ship and Yacht Exporters Association

1. Cargo vessels for the transport of both persons & goods

2. TankersClick to open the brochure Turkish Ship & Yacht Exporters Brochure

3. Floating docks and vessels which perform special functions

4. Motorboats, other than outboard motorboats

5. Cruise ships, excursion boats principally designed for transportation of persons

6. Floating or submersible drilling or production platforms

7. Vessels, including lifeboats (excluding warships, rowing boats and other vessels)

8. Tugs and pusher craft

9. Warships of all kinds

10. Rowing boats, canoes, sculls and other pleasure boats

11. Sailboats, with or without auxiliary motor

12. Vessels and other floating structures for breaking up

13. Dredgers

14. Refrigerated vessels other than tankers

15. Fishing vessels and factory ships

16. Buoys, beacons, coffer-dams, pontoons and other floating structures

17. Inflatable pleasure craft

18. Inflatable rafts including those for carrying shipwrecked persons

19. Anchors, grapnels and parts