Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters


It was established in 1973. Our Association is the coordinator of Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters' Association. This association takes place in four secretary general and these are Istanbul, Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Anatolian Exporters' Association. This association aims at reaching 16 billion$ export in 2023. Target markets are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia, France, Germany, Greece, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel. The main problem that this sector confronts is that the prices of raw material are relatively high incomparison with international market.

The activity of Wood and Forestry Products Exporters' Association is mainly composed of 5 basic sectors and 30 product group that these basic sectors cover.

Wood and Forestry Products

1- Wood and Wood's finished goods: firewood, charcoal, log, plank timber, wooden mine timber, plank, timbering, plating, hardwood, wood particleboard, plywood, Picture frame, wooden palet, trunk, barrow, barrel, bucket, wooden tool, shaft, woodwork goods for building, wooden kitchen goods, wooden sculpture etc. belong to this sub-group.

2- Paper and board: wood pulp, rubbish, scrap paper-board, newsprint, kraft paper-board, print, paper and board for writing and drawing, Rolled up, covered, colored paper-board, carbon paper, cigarette paper, wallpaper, cleaning paper, hygienic paper, paper-board packaging, notebook, label, papers for office tools belong to this sub-group.

3- Furniture: This sub-group covers wooden house, Office, store furniture( table, chair, armchair, showcase, cupboard etc), showcase, beds made from metal spring and other stuffs, wooden lighting devices, wooden prefab.

4- Mushroom and tool made from mushroom: This sub-group covers natural mushroom, rubbish mushroom, plug, tap, packing etc.

5- Rush Mat, Reed and similar goods: Rush mat, mop, cloak, basket etc belong to this sub-group.

Forestry plants-tea

1- Thyme and daphne leaves: Wild thyme, thyme, daphne leaves are in this group.

2- Rosemary: Battered and with/out rosemary belongs to this group.

3- Other seedcase or oiled plant: This sub-group covers licorice, sage and linden tree.

Forestry Products with industry raw material

1- Plants used for pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry: Lac, dairy, resin, tragacanth, poppy, opium stalk concentrate, liqurish, pectate and liquids made from plants and textured stuffs are counted as parts of this group.

2- Plants used for knit and weaving: Cane, bamboo, osier, raphia, grain stalk( cleaned, white, colored), sorghum, oak gall, henna, sumac, mast, coke nut, cotton linter, soapwort are counted as parts of this group.

3- Other Food and Drink Waste: This sub-group involves herbal products and herbal rubbish used for animal foods, rubbish and sub-product( with/out pellet); grape pulp, acorn, horsechestnut, fruit pulps (except for grape pulp) etc

4- Medicinal Plants: It contains other medicinal plants. Butcher's broom, centaury, climber, rose hip, stinger, cherry stalk are in this group.

Industrial Products based on Forestry Products

1- Bag, Suitcase etc. : This group is a sub-group that involves wooden finished products; chests, suitcases, portfolio, school bags, glasses case, binoculars, musical instruments, photography machines, gun cases and similar products.

2- Tanning and dyeing preparations: This sub-group covers kebroka, mimosa, sumac extract, tannin, natural indigo, painting products with animal origin, and preparations.

3- Gun and munition: Walnut finished products; butt, forend are in this sub-group.

4- Toys, game and sports equipments: Wooden finished products, building constructions, puzzle, toys describing animal and creatures, billiards table, playing cards, fishing line stoves.

5- Musical instruments: Piano, guitar, violin, mandolin, oud, flue, accordion, wind instrument, musical box, percussive instrument(with/out wood) (except for electrical instruments)

6- Watches: Wrist watch, pocket watch and the other watches, wall clock, alarm clock, table clock, parking meter etc.

7- Art Work: Handmade pictures, collage and similar decorative board, original gravure, woodcut, lithography, sculpture, used or not used stamp, antique objects.

8- Lesson tools: Produced for the purpose of exhibition and not suitable for other aims, tool, equipment, model are counted as parts of this sub-group.

9- Umbrella, walking staff, scourge etc: Wooden finished product; walking staff and similar products.

10- Some objects: Objects that are suitable for sculpting and brom from herbal products, massicot pencils, thumbwheel switch, pipe.