Turkish Packology

Turkish Packology is a wide-ranging project aiming to conduct marketing and promotional activities in target countries in order to improve the integration of Turkish packaging sector with the world market. Increasing the packaging trade volume, stimulating investments and know-how transfers between Turkey and other countries is one of the main targets of the project. At first stage, the project is focused only on the Russian market as a fast-growing market. The other markets will be included into the project in time.

Behind the Turkish Packology Project, there are the exporters associations related to the packaging sector. However, the project is mainly conducted under the organization of Istanbul Exporters Association in cooperation with Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Association. Central Anatolian Exporters Association (http://www.oaib.gov.tr), Aegean Exporters Associations (http://www.eib.org.tr) and Mediterranean Exporters Associations (http://www.akib.org.tr) are the other partners of the project since 2004. Packaging Manufacturers Association (http://www.ambalaj.org.tr) gives support to the project also. It represents the producers of all kinds of raw and processed packaging materials and machines used in the packaging sector.

For detailed information www.turkishpackology.com and www.turkishpackology.ru