Turkish Poultry Promotion Group has been founded in 2011 under the auspices of Ministry of Economics, to better represent the poultry sector, which has recently become a drive train for Turkish exports.

Established with the cooperation of Istanbul, Aegean and Mediterranean Exporters Associations, Turkish Poultry Promotion Group mainly aims to excel the core values of the sector and organize events to better promote Turkish quality, which has already achieved World standards. In addition, keeping in mind the fact that knowledge is the key power in today's economy, the group functions as a base, gathering information worldwide and sharing with all members.

Turkish Poultry Promotion Group has successfully organized around 100 events all over the World and represents the sector. The best and maybe the most striking event took place last week, on January 13-15, 2015. VIP Buying Mission delegation, a 3 daylong event bringing together more than 50 companies and 75 participants with Turkish exporters, ended with a well organized dinner program on Thursday evening. In the context of the program, participating companies had the chance to visit poultry production and processing facilities as well as meeting with their Turkish counterparts.

At the press conference that took place on the last day of the program, the annual figures of the sector has been shared with the public and export performance was evaluated.


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