Turkish Confectionery & Sweet Promotion Group premiered in SIAL Brazil 2012 !


In one hand as being the the largest economy in Latin America and the 8th in the world thanks to its population of 195 million, GDP reaching of 2.5 trillion USD and total foreign trade balance of 450 billion USD, Brazil… On the other hand having modern technology which is highly equipped to meet international standards and consumer preferences, capability to serve quality and with logical prices thanks to its export volume reaching of 2.2 billion USD to more than 150 countries, Turkish chocolate and confectionery sector…

Turkish Confectionery and Sweet Promotion Group (TCSPG) was established in 2012 in order to evaluate such kind of potentials above. It aims at surveying on marketing strategies in target and existing markets by participating events held in abroad as well as introducing Turkish chocolate and confectionery sector to international buyers, improving and refreshing the image of Turkish confectionery by representing the sector. On this occasion TCSPG paid SIAL Brazil 2012 a lot of importance which was its first activity. Being aware of Brazil, which is a front door to do business in whole Latin America, TCSPG was exactly invaded SIAL Brazil.

Chairman Mr. Zekeriya METE, Deputy Chairman Mr. Hidayet KADIROGLU, board members Mr. Erhan SOYTÜRK, Mr. Ertan KÜPÇÜ, Mr. Mehmet ASLAN, Mr. Sübet ÇIÇEK and Mr. Hasan SARUHANLI represented TCSPG during the fair alongside with Mr. Alpaslan ARDUÇ, Deputy General Secretary of Istanbul Exporters' Associations (IEA), Özem HANCI and Ayse EKINCI, the staffs of IEA. It seemed that kind of a top-level representation surely hitted the target.

SIAL Brazil with a total area of 90.000 sqm, which was held in Sao Paulo on 25-28 June 2012 and hosted 1.000 exhibitors and 65.000 professional visitors.