Turkish Mariners Turned Their Course to Athens

Turkish national participation at the Posidonia which is known as one of the most important exhibition in Shipbuilding and Technologies Industry, was carried into effect under the auspices of the Turkish Ship Yacht and Marine Services Exporters' Associations. Turkish Ship Yacht and Marine Services Exporters Association is going to participate in Posidonia 2018 for the third time which has been organizing for 25 times. Turkish Ship Yacht and Marine Services Exporters' Association was established under the umbrella of Istanbul Exporters' Association in April 2010. Its mission can be defined as to contribute sustainable economic development to Turkish Ship and Yacht Sector through improving exportation. Posidonia International Shipping Fair, which has been organizing biennially in Athens/ Greece, has been an important role in shipping industry.

Turkish National Participation towards Posidonia Exhibition has a great signifance because of Posidonia Exhibition which is known as one of the most important fair in sector and so many leading firms from Turkish Maritime and Shipping sector will be exhibited at Hall 1.409 & 1.453 via Turkish National Pavillion Organization in Posidonia to be held during 04-08th of June in Athens/ Greece. The Turkish Ship and Yacht building sector is one of the main producers, not only about numbers but also tonnage. Especially, chemical tankers, bulk carriers, cargo ships, mega yachts which has been building in shipyards and also there are lots of hi-tech sub-industry companies in Turkey.

Shipbuilding and supplier industry turned their course to new achievements and they are in preparation enthusiastically for the national participation in the fair. Turkish Exporters plan to meet the leading global during this fair and aim to carry out Turkey's regional role to the leadership in global markets and it seems that Turkey will continue to achieve considerable developments in this area in the upcoming years. The Turkish exhibitors were located on 8 stands at Hall 1, No: 1.409 & 1.453. There were 8 companies whose names are given below displaying varieties products and meeting leading firms from around the World.

Posidonia 2018 Exhibition Turkish National Participation Companies' List

1. Gimas Ship Supply& Services

2. Gurdesan Ship Machinery Ind & Trad. Co.

3. Kardesler Grab and Machine

4. Mare Supply & Services

5. Onursan Marine Safety Services

6. Piri Reis Ship Supply

7. Ses Yachts

8. Yaf Diesel Ship Spare Parts Trading Ltd. Co.

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